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The Federal Prisoner Locator lets you know were to send an inmate’s mail. But do you know what to send?

Earning Freedom Products specializes in providing books that inspire people in prison. Ideally, we want people in prison to prepare for success. Statistics show that the longer people spend in prison, the more challenges they face upon release. I wrote many books to help.

I wrote About Prison when I was in my 14th year of confinement. This book is used in universities across the United States. Professors rely upon About Prison as a resource to teach students that want to pursue careers in corrections. Those who expect to spend time in prison should choose Earning Freedom or the five-book package to prepare.

Those who want validation of my work should watch my media profiles by clicking this video link. Or they may read an article in the San Francisco Chronicle.

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The federal inmate locator shows how to reach prisoners. You may find the inmate by name or registration number. Then learn the prison’s mail policies.

In About Prison, I describe the federal prisoner locator. Professors rely onAbout Prison to teach students. People who expect to serve time should choose one of the other books. Family members can inspire loved ones  with Earning Freedom. In Success After Prison, readers learn how decisions influence success. The five-book package would be a good investment for anyone serving time.

About Prison is an academic book offering observations from my first decade in prison. I did not price this book. Readers may purchase About Prison on Amazon for a lower price. My publisher has high distribution costs. The publisher passes costs to the consumer. I would like to sell an economic version, though I cannot influence pricing.


Federal Inmate Locator and About Prison

I offer About Prison as another source of validation. By researching the federal inmate locator, I assume you want to learn. Through Earning Freedom, I offer books that I wrote while serving decades in prison. Although a lengthy term may await, anyone can live productively. I built a career from prison and I teach others how to succeed. Books contribute to society and they generate revenues. Revenues from publishing allowed me to marry and support my wife while I was in prison. These books validate that it’s possible to conquer a lengthy prison term.

The federal inmate locator does not answer questions about how to succeed in prison. Success in prison and beyond begins with a commitment. Success requires discipline. Success requires an ability to sustain a vision. Set deliberate plans. Then execute those plans every day. Refuse to allow prison to define your life. As others have done, pursue an empowering path. You will overcome. Triumph over the prison system with Earning Freedom books. Learn from others who have gone through the system and become successful.

Those who want validation of my work should watch my media profiles by clicking this video link. Or they may read an article in the San Francisco Chronicle.

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