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Success: The Straight-A Guide


A Guidebook for At-risk Youth and Young Offenders.

A federal inmate search starts when people visit BOP.org. They may search for an inmate by typing an exact name or a registration number. By searching further through the website, you can find the mailing address. Use that mailing address to send books that will help your loved one succeed.

Earning Freedom products offers a number of books or lesson plans that will help your loved one succeed in prison and beyond. Success: The Straight-A Guide differs from most books because I wrote this one specifically for youthful offenders. It teaches principles of the Straight-A Guide. To convey the message, I profile many people in prison. Their stories show how reckless, adolescent decisions can lead to lengthy prison terms. The book shows how to break such cycles and prepare for success.

Those who want validation of my work should watch my media profiles by clicking this video link. Or they may read an article in the San Francisco Chronicle.


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Federal Inmate Search and Straight-A Guide

A federal inmate search provides family members and loved ones with contact information. With the correctly spelled name or registration number, the family member will find the federal prison. Navigating the website further will lead to mailing instructions.

The federal inmate search can be the start toward preparing your loved one for a successful journey. When family members send books, inmates have an invaluable resource. By reading books in prison, I learned to change the way that I think. A new way of thinking helped me learn how to use resources around me to prepare for success. They allowed me to earn university degrees, publish books, and build a strong support network.

Earning Freedom Products teach these lessons to others. When conducting your federal inmate search, consider mailing the appropriate book to your loved one. Success: The Straight-A Guide is the only book that I wrote specifically for juveniles who are at-risk of trouble with the criminal justice system. Although people who would like to work with juveniles may find value in this book, adults readers may prefer to read books like Earning Freedom or Success After Prison.

Every book I wrote highlights the importance of leading a values-based, goal oriented life. Those are the first steps to advance through the Straight-A Guide. With values and goals in alignment, readers learn how to determine whether they have the right attitude for success. Then they learn about setting aspirations. Without action, they cannot advance. The Straight-A Guide suggests they focus on accountability, awareness, achievement, and appreciation. Each of those lessons leads to success.

If you’re using the federal inmate search tool, it’s my hope that you’ll follow through. Find appropriate books that will help your loved one. They need inspiration, and they need hope. By reading other people who went through prison and emerged successfully, they create an inner strength. Help your loved one prepare for success with Earning Freedom products.

Those who want validation of my work should watch my media profiles by clicking this video link. Or they may read an article in the San Francisco Chronicle.


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