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The federal sentencing guidelines are advisory for judges. Yet more than 90 percent of people charged in federal court face a sentencing hearing. That’s why it’s crucial for people to prepare for prison. The five-book package on Earning Freedom Products serves as an excellent resource for anyone striving to prepare for the best possible outcome.

Each book offers insight to people facing specific charges. In Earning Freedom: Conquering a 45-Year Prison term, readers learn how to maintain discipline over a long sentence. In Success After Prison, readers learn how decisions in prison open opportunities. In the Mastermind Course, readers advance through a ten-part course. In Prison! My 8,344th Day, readers learn how to make deliberate decisions. In Triumph! The Straight-A Guide, readers find inspiration.

Those who want validation of my work should watch my media profiles by clicking this video link. Or they may read an article in the San Francisco Chronicle.


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Federal Sentencing Guidelines and Preparing For Prison

Federal Sentencing Guidelines interest every defendant. Nine out of ten federal cases result in a sentencing hearing. The threat of prison is real. Defendants should prepare.

My name is Michael Santos. I’m the author and founder of Earning Freedom. I served multiple decades in federal prisons. I spent time in prisons of every security level. While inside, I built a life of meaning and relevance. I learned lessons that I teach to others. Our decisions inside influence prospects for success. We want to avoid decisions that threaten further cycles of failure.

This five-book package provides resources for anyone facing a prison term. If you’re researching federal sentencing guidelines, I urge you to prepare. Statistics don’t lie. Prisoners face challenges. They succumb to external influences. Earning Freedom products teach how I conquered 26 years in prison.

The media profiled my work extensively. Complete your due diligence. Your research will show why I can help you. I offer the following links as a resource to earn trust.

If you have a family member in prison, use these resources. If the federal sentencing guidelines lead you to prison, you should prepare. Order the five-book package. The discount helps. You’ll find the investment pays dividends for a lifetime.

I provide in-depth descriptions for each book. Click on the covers from the home page. But a brief overview follows:

Earning Freedom Mastermind Course: Ten-part course. Learn a values-based, goal-oriented adjustment strategy.

Earning Freedom: Journey from the day of my arrest until release from prison.

Success After Prison: Learn how adjustment strategies inside led to success. Use the same strategies in your adjustment.

Prison: My 8,344th Day: Teaches how to maintain discipline through each day.

Triumph: Straight-A Guide: Teaches adjustment strategy that anyone can use to succeed.

Each of these books helps readers prepare for success. I offer additional free resources through my websites. Learn from people who succeed in prison and beyond.

Those who want validation of my work should watch my media profiles by clicking this video link. Or they may read an article in the San Francisco Chronicle.

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