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In January, 2016, Warden Andre Matevousian from the United States Penitentiary in Atwater invited me to visit the prison. In August of 2012, I transitioned from USP Atwater to a halfway house in San Francisco after 26 consecutive years in confinement. During the visit, I was scheduled to meet with Warden Matevousian and his executive staff to discuss the Earning Freedom Mastermind Program. Following my presentation to the staff, I made a presentation to about 200 high-security prisoners. I wrote Success After Prison specifically for people in prison in anticipation of that visit. I wanted those men to see how decisions they made in prison influenced prospects for success both in prison and beyond.

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Federal Prisons and Success After Prison

Federal prisons lead to failure for many. People who want to learn about federal prisons should also learn how to prepare for success after prison.

I wrote Success After Prison to document steps I took from the day that I transitioned out of the federal prison system and into a halfway house. In other books, I wrote about my journey. For example, Earning Freedom describes the 25 years that I served in prisons of every security level. Authorities allowed me to serve my final year in a San Francisco Halfway House. I concluded my 26-year obligation to the Bureau of Prisons on August 12, 2013.

When I walked out of federal prison I had a 0-0-0 credit score. Yet a non-existent credit score was not going to interfere with my commitment to succeed. I told my wife, Carole, that while transitioning into society I intended to rely upon the same strategies that empowered me through decades in prison. During my first five years of liberty, I anticipated that the deliberate action plan would prepare us for prosperity. I set a goal of accumulating our first $1 million within those first five years. The goal was to live a life of profligacy, but to become stable so that I could inspire more people who lived in struggle to pursue success.

Success After Prison shows readers the precise steps I took.. During my first year, I taught as an adjunct professor at San Francisco State University. While teaching, I created programs and businesses. Earning Freedom programs teach people how to rebound after challenges with the criminal justice system. They also assist people who want to transition into the labor market. And through public speaking, I spread awareness on various topics. Some of speaking events discuss why prison and sentence reform can lead to safer communities.

Besides building businesses, I prepared for retirement by investing in real estate. This book shows strategies I used to accumulate our first $2 million in assets. Anyone may apply the same strategy I describe in Success After Prison to overcome challenges in prison and beyond. The following link features a series of videos where I recite the book.

Those who want validation of my work from federal prison should watch how the new media profiled my work by clicking this video link. Or they may read an article in the San Francisco Chronicle.

When ordering: Specify whether you’d like digital ebook or softcover book.

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